Saturday, 1 June 2013

legally deaf not deaf

why is it so hard to understand?

Rhys had an appointment with the dentist last Thursday, and he had a quick look at the girls. Matthew was in the room, while I stayed out with the other two. He was being asked about each girls medical histories and Matthew told him that Gwen was deaf.

No she isn't.

does this child look like she can't hear?

Gwen isn't deaf.

or this?

She is legally deaf.

silly girl

If she didn't have AN she wouldn't be considered deaf with her hearing thresholds.

Maybe that is why daddy is having such a hard time putting in the hearing aids, maybe he thought they wouldn't help because she was deaf? Hope now that that point has cleared up, he will keep her HA in more often

hard for mama to get a pic of the HA because I'm usually making sure they stay in

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